Digital Marketing Expertise


Marketing has become more than a shiny website and a few posts to your company’s social media platforms. Metrics and web analytics are the key to identifying and bringing together the elements that comprise a successful marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this has overwhelmed almost every business at one time or another. Our first step is to do a complete data analysis on your web properties. This is the first step in how our strategy team first gets to know you and your business. By studying all of the metrics possible we will be able to give your team a strategic marketing plan that is both actionable and delivers the best ROI possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are as important as they are confusing for many. Our team assesses your website’s technical and on-page SEO needs to achieve the highest-ranking position on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We do this by crawling your site with our expansive library of diagnostic tools to find technical errors and do in-depth keyword research. The end deliverables always have actionable items that either 7x’s team can execute for you or that your digital marketing team can easily do themselves.


SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and other paid advertising are not for every business or company. (Yes, we do tell people if they do or don’t need something). If your company decides that it should market itself through Search Engine Marketing or other paid advertising channels our team will research keywords, the best ad text, and other factors that will provide the best ROI possible.


We will also provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting and analysis if desired on all of your SEO strategies  & SEM campaigns. Our team specializes in data analysis and reporting so your company has the information to make the best sales and marketing decisions possible.

Content marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. Our team creates data-driven content marketing campaigns and content that provides value to your prospective customers. When distributed via your social media channels your content becomes a powerful tool for driving leads and sales.

7x crafts specific strategies for your content marketing goals using written articles, video, and multimedia to grow your business. Our strategies for both social media marketing(SMM) and content marketing are always comprised of multi-channel campaigns created to reach your company’s or product’s target audience.

By letting us plan and support your content and social media strategy you will increase brand awareness, sales leads, and engage a highly targeted specific audience that is much more likely to become a customer or client.



No Pie In The Sky

We tell it like it is. Our digital marketing and branding deliverables are built on data, creativity, and honesty. By doing this we deliver the best possible results for our clients possible⏤without promising outcomes.

We Are Partners

We are partners. We are vested in your company’s success. Our relationship with your company and its people is paramount to driving the growth of your business.

We Don’t Throw Darts Blindfolded

By doing in-depth discovery and data research we focus on building comprehensive marketing and/or branding strategies for your company. The 7x team delivers clear strategies that your team can implement effectively and quickly.

We Don’t Dine And Dash

We support you every step of the way through our projects or if you are on retainer. Our business is to support your needs and questions beyond the end of the project, whether it is a technical, strategic, or tactical answer you need.