What I Have Seen in Content Lately

I encourage my team to read a lot of marketing and branding articles. To make sure I am not preaching and not practicing what I preach, I have been perusing many different types of content lately in an informal survey. Reading 4-5 blogs, articles, Tweets, etc.  a day for the last year has led me to several conclusions. Continue reading “What I Have Seen in Content Lately”

We Hate “Like” Buttons

What if I saw you were eating my favorite type of ice cream and I said to you; “I like you.” First, you would think that I am crazy since I don’t know you and then you think; “So what?” Then forget about me. That is the relevance of the “Like” button on your company’s web page or social media site. Continue reading “We Hate “Like” Buttons”

What To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

A few years ago a friend of mine who specializes in e-mail marketing posed this question as a social media post: “Email marketing? What do you think about emails that only make an offer? I’m in a strategy meeting with my AM.” The responses were broad, exceptionally insightful, and troubling.

Continue reading “What To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency”