Disruption Shouldn’t Be a Race to the Bottom

“Disruption” has become the catchiest word in the world of innovation and start-ups. The word that should be used by the techie dilatants is “Innovation”.  Innovation fuels the disruption of existing markets and product development. Disruption for disruption’s sake is what is driving the continued dilution of capital and resources. This, in turn Continue reading “Disruption Shouldn’t Be a Race to the Bottom”

What It Takes to Make It In Social Media Marketing

Everyone at 7x lives in the world of SMM(social media marketing) and GH(growth hacking-hate the term, growth marketing should be the moniker and is gaining acceptance). My personal perspective is from many years of living with the ebbs and flows of algorithms that at one point made me envision that I would be retired by this time. Instead, I have become addicted to Continue reading “What It Takes to Make It In Social Media Marketing”

What To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

A few years ago a friend of mine who specializes in e-mail marketing posed this question as a social media post: “Email marketing? What do you think about emails that only make an offer? I’m in a strategy meeting with my AM.” The responses were broad, exceptionally insightful, and troubling.

Continue reading “What To Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency”

Black Hat Growth Hacking? A Plan or Just Wrong

This was written in 2010 when “growth hacking” was becoming the cliché we all now know it to be. Data privacy, analytics, and content development has matured but marketers continue to push the envelope for a leg up on the competition.

Lately, we have been reading lots of how-to growth marketing blogs and articles. Most of which are insightful and thought-provoking. There are lots of great ideas and philosophies in this burgeoning landscape. But there seems to be also a dark underside to growth hacking that harkens back to the Wild West Days of SEO. Continue reading “Black Hat Growth Hacking? A Plan or Just Wrong”