It’s About Them – Not You! Outdoor Businesses Please Make Your Social Media For Your Customer

I advise and follow many outdoor recreation and product companies that are all trying to have a social media presence. There are many that do this quite well. Patagonia is my favorite, largely due to how their social media message stays true to the brand and their customers. Companies like Simms and Sage tend to be a little more disjointed but stay on point for Continue reading “It’s About Them – Not You! Outdoor Businesses Please Make Your Social Media For Your Customer”

Look at Me! Why Small Business Digital Marketing Fails

Accessibility to the Internet and the perceived simplicity to market a business or product is driving me nuts. The pervasive logic amongst business owners, CEOs, and most 20 somethings is that if you have a website and a social media presence that the path to riches is only a few short steps away. Continue reading “Look at Me! Why Small Business Digital Marketing Fails”

What I Have Seen in Content Lately

I encourage my team to read a lot of marketing and branding articles. To make sure I am not preaching and not practicing what I preach, I have been perusing many different types of content lately in an informal survey. Reading 4-5 blogs, articles, Tweets, etc.  a day for the last year has led me to several conclusions. Continue reading “What I Have Seen in Content Lately”

Disruption Shouldn’t Be a Race to the Bottom

“Disruption” has become the catchiest word in the world of innovation and start-ups. The word that should be used by the techie dilatants is “Innovation”.  Innovation fuels the disruption of existing markets and product development. Disruption for disruption’s sake is what is driving the continued dilution of capital and resources. This, in turn Continue reading “Disruption Shouldn’t Be a Race to the Bottom”

Social Media Tools – Too Much Noise?

Social media marketing is becoming more and more automated with tools that schedule, post, and email users. Even marketer-user engagement is becoming robotized to the point that even savvy users have a difficult time knowing whether they are interacting with a human or not. Automation for many elements of social media and content-driven marketing campaigns help cut costs, but there is a fine line between using automated media tools properly and overusing them. Continue reading “Social Media Tools – Too Much Noise?”