The Big List of Dumb Social Media Marketing Mistakes I Have Made

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Ok! Saturday is my no-brain day and I can’t think of a word to write. So here is a list of some of the dumbest things I have done in the social media marketing world. This list is in no order of importance because there is no such thing as dumber than dumb.

  • Keep a list of people who you engaged with via social media. They remember you, you should remember them.
  • No snarkiness! If you are going to be snarky do it in a DM or E-mail after you have a good rapport with the person.
  • Read your guest bloggers’ pieces before posting. I have gotten a couple that I had to nix because of content that I didn’t want my client’s product or service associated with (an F-bomb that I didn’t catch, for example). Also editing still might need to be done.
  • Check your links that you use in a post.
  • Attribution is never good to forget.
  • Followed someone because THEY say THEY are an authority.
  • Check backlinks…Duh!
  • Check what is posted at least once a day to your client’s social media accounts by followers(I have been burned enough that I do it five times a day).
  • Do topical searches with keywords that have negative connotations. It is good for engagement with trolls and you can do preemptive damage control if need be.
  • Don’t rely on automation for everything.
  • Don’t overreact to analytics the second day you look at the data.
  • Content marketing shouldn’t sound like an infomercial.

What can you add?

Author: Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson is the founder of 7x Strategy•Tactical.